make a difference in the lives of children in need around the globe. One world. one school. one kid. at a time.

Since 2006, OneKid has raised almost $2,000,000, with 93% of every dollar going directly to programs.

OneKid OneWorld provides a foundation for education in impoverished communities throughout Kenya and Central America by giving children from primary school up through secondary school the opportunity for a better and brighter future. We go into schools in very rural areas that are barely surviving and we get them what they need to, not only, survive another day…but our work also gives communities hope for a brighter future.


We have helped to support over 10,000 incredible kids In Africa & Central America.

With no end in sight.


OneKid has been working in Kenya since 2006. Our first project was a simple science lab at the Nyamasare Girls School in Mbita, Kenya. Since then, we have built dorms, science labs, classrooms, bathrooms and kitchens, installed solar power and water catchment systems and paid tuition for hundreds of students and salaries for teachers and nurses at more than 15 schools in three different areas in Kenya.

Central America

OneKid expanded to Central America almost a decade ago. Our first project was an extreme school makeover at a rural school in El Salvador. In the subsequent decade, OneKid has expanded to Guatemala and Nicaragua…and totally remade over 20 schools.


Students Directly Impacted


Schools Transformed


In Teacher's Salaries Paid


In School Tuition Paid


Volunteer Trips


“If OneKid OneWorld hadn’t come down this road, no one would have.”

School Principal in El Salvador


Focused Work

We are small & nimble and that’s on purpose. Every decision we make best promotes our success. Each project focuses on one school at a time and has a clear & comprehensive plan for what the individual school needs. Projects are community-driven which allows kids and parents to take ownership over their schools. OneKid OneWorld support extends long past the end of each project.

Fiscal Transparency

Your money goes to what it should go to. We are an all volunteer organization. 93% of OneKid donations go straight to the schools.

Responsible Global Volunteerism

Our volunteers do real work that make a real-time impact in communities. Every volunteer must achieve a fundraising goal in order to go on a trip.


Our volunteer trips offer unique, transformative experiences. We have taken over 300 volunteers to work in schools, meet students & community members in Kenya and Central America…and see the impact of their donations. Join us on a life-changing experience!


There Are So Many Ways To help

  • $9 buys feminine hygiene supplies for a student for a year!

  • $350 pays a student’s tuition for a year!

  • $2,500 pays for a teacher’s salary for a year!

  • $25,000 builds a classroom!


“You have made our community happy, you have made our school shine, you have made our girls proud.”

 Grandmother of a student At Nyamasare School in Kenya

Globe images from Wikimedia, Kenya, Central America