Kibera Women’s Project

The Kibera Women’s Project is a project close to our hearts. We are so proud of the work being done by this amazing group of women and mothers.

These incredible women, all HIV positive, are working diligently to help improve the lives of the people living in Kibera, the second largest slum in the world.

  • They act as peer counselors, tirelessly working to support their community. In addition to bringing medicine to those who can’t leave their homes, they counsel young mothers on HIV/Aids awareness, birth control and nursing.

  • They’ve also started a Day Care Center for parents who don’t have the resources to watch their children while they work. The center hired their first teacher with the help of OneKid OneWorld.

  • The women have created an amazing line of jewelry, made mostly with local beads. All proceeds from the sale of this jewelry will go back to the women and their peer counseling effort.

About Kibera

One fifth of all the people living with HIV/Aids in Kenya live in Kibera, one of the largest and most dense slums in the world. Home to almost a million people, it is located in the middle of Nairobi, Kenya and was seen in the movie The Constant Gardener.

I am a peer mother living with HIV/AIDs. I was tested in 2004 and found to be HIV positive. The same year in October I was trained by IMC to counsel pregnant women on HIV/AIDs.

I am a single mother with six children and 2 grand daughters. My big problem is how to pay their school fees. I am kindly requesting you to help improve our financial status by buying and marketing our products.

I am making beads and I also go teach mothers at health facilities on importance of PMTCT. I also go door to door creating HIV/Aids awareness.
— Dorcas Atieno Oluoch, Kibera
Image by Schreibkraft - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link