School Partnerships


OneKid has partnered with schools in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston and around the country to raise funds and supplies for the children in Kenya and El Salvador through our Student-to-Student program. The 7th grade students at RJ Grey Middle School in Acton, MA raised $9,000 to build a Fresh Water Catchment System at a school in Kenya.

We partnered with the Westridge School for Girls in Pasadena on a yearlong philanthropy and social action class, which culminated with a student trip to Kenya. We are always seeking new schools and new partnerships, if you and your school have an idea please contact us.

Student To Student

Onekid OneWorld Student to Student Program

OneKid is thrilled to partner with schools across the U.S. to raise funds and supplies for children in Kenya and El Salvador.

These kids are amazing. Elissa Markowitz, at the time a seventh grader from Los Angeles, threw a fundraiser for OneKid’s projects in El Salvador and raised over $15,000! This is enough to build new classrooms, pay teachers salaries and fund soccer programs.

Two Years Later: In the winter of 2016, Elissa (now a teenager) was able to travel to El Salvador and visit the school and the students she raised money for!

New Roads School in Los Angeles

We created and taught a year-long class on how to build a non-profit. This class culminated in four high school girls from New Roads traveling to Kenya in the summer of 2008. In addition, the students organized the donation of 200 backpacks.

UPDATE: In the spring of 2016, two of the students who traveled to Kenya in 2008 went back as young adults to visit the schools they volunteered in as teenagers!

Westridge School for Girls in Pasadena

The students at Westridge have raised over $6,000 for tuition assistance at their sister school Nyamasare. They have also collected and donated athletic equipment, sports uniforms, socks, backpacks, t-shirts, soap and lotion for girls at Nyamsare in Kenya. To top it off, in 2012 and 2013 students from Westridge went on life changing volunteer trips to El Salvador.

R.J. Grey Middle School in Acton, Mass

These great kids have raised over $20,000 to build classrooms and a water catchment system at Lolukunyani Primary School in Samburu, Kenya. The seventh graders started a year long program to learn about philanthropy and Kenya. They also created an amazing system of raising money through kids’ chores.

Daniel Freeman Elementary School in Inglewood

These students helped to create and fund a year long pen-pal program with a primary school on Rusinga Island in Kenya. Their work culminated in OneKid taking 400 packpacks with school supplies to the school in March, 2011.