How You Can Help

Here is the truth…in the countries OneKid OneWorld works in, just getting to school is incredibly hard for most kids. Many have to walk long distances, can’t afford to tuition, or are forced to stay home and watch younger siblings. But…when we can actually get these kids to school, their whole world opens up. Access to education is that powerful. It’s truly life changing.

We are dedicated to giving kids in Kenya and Central America the educational opportunities that they need…no, that they deserve, in order to transform their lives.

But we need your help…and this is how you can do it!

Use Social Media

Want to help us impact even more communities? Making a difference is as easy as connecting with OneKid on social media. Help us spread the word about our programs and projects in Kenya and Central America: follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. When you like our posts and share our information with your networks, you give a voice to those less fortunate. You give those in poverty the audience of your network.

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We need your help to impact even more people…engage with us on social media today!

The #OKOW Hashtag

OneKid volunteers tag their posts and Tweets with the dedicated OneKid OneWorld hashtag: #OKOW. This is an easy way for us to find each other’s posts and of course share them with our audience.

If you are involved in a OneKid OneWorld project and you are posting to social media, make sure you are adding the hashtag.

If you have some spare time, search for the hashtag and if you see posts that resonate with you and that you think would appeal to your audience - please share, retweet, repost, add to your story.

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