Global Youth Ambassadors

The organization is called OneKid OneWorld for a reason. One of our main goals oh so many years ago was to build a bridge between the kids in the United States and the kids in the countries we serve. To show our kids that the world is actually a small place…and only getting smaller. OneKid’s Global Youth Ambassador is one way we are building that bridge.

Every year in September, OneKid chooses a new ambassador for our Global Youth Ambassador program. It’s a great way to make an impact in the world and learn about other cultures. Your commitment as an ambassador includes: 

  • Fundraising for OneKid (we will work with you to determine a realistic amount) 

  • Posting about OneKid on your social media 

  • Traveling with your family on a OneKid trip 

2019 - Jackson Downey

Jackson Downey - OneKid OneWorld 2019 Global Ambassador

We are so inspired by Jackson's passion to use his skills and ability to make a difference. His drive to fight for social justice both in his own community and abroad is just one of the reasons he has been named our OneKid 2019 Global Youth Ambassador!  

Jackson went on his first volunteer trip in 2016 and has been actively working to promote equality for those in need by traveling to Central American schools and renovating them as well as engaging with the students there.

Stateside, he plays an instrumental role in OneKid's annual Ping Pong Tournament, raising tens of thousands of dollars to support these school renovations. Next up, Jackson is planning a Casino themed fundraiser to benefit OneKid in the fall!

We are beyond excited to work with Jackson and can't wait to see all he will accomplish in 2019 and beyond!

2018 - Elissa Markowitz

Elissa Markowitz - OneKid OneWorld Global Youth Ambassador

OneKid OneWorld is proud to announce Elissa Markowitz is our inaugural Global Youth Ambassador!

Elissa has traveled with OneKid to El Salvador and Guatemala to visit and volunteer in our schools and with our students. Elissa has also worked tirelessly to fundraise tens of thousands of dollars to build classrooms, kitchens and bathrooms, as well as pay for school supplies, books and athletic equipment in our schools. She is committed to bettering the lives of children in need around the globe. We are thrilled to be working with Elissa and her family to build our Global Youth Ambassador program into a thriving vessel for future students to make a difference.

Elissa is one kid…changing the world.

Do you know a great kid to nominate as our 2020 Global Youth Ambassador? Please contact us using the form below for more information.