Make a difference in the lives of children in need around the globe. One world, one school, one kid, at a time.

OneKid OneWorld provides a foundation for education in impoverished communities throughout Kenya and Central America by giving children from primary school up through secondary school the opportunity for a better and brighter future.

By providing the basic needs of learning fundamentals like desks and books as well as paying teachers’ salaries, building classrooms and even installing solar power technology so students can study at night, OneKid continues to make a tremendous impact not just on individual lives, but communities as a whole.

We strive to bridge the cultural gap and educate the more fortunate students in the U.S. by forging partnerships with American schools, instilling in the students a lifelong commitment to social responsibility.

Victories Come in All Sizes

Since 2006, OneKid OneWorld has raised close to $2,000,000, with 93% going directly to our projects. We have directly affected the lives of over 10,000 students by building new classrooms, paying for tuition, covering teachers’ salaries, developing athletic programs, and supplying books, desks, school supplies, solar power and fresh water to communities.

One soccer ball and a notebook can have a profound affect on the lives of kids who have nothing. Yes, it’s a little victory but our goal is to make all of those little victories add up to one big one.

OneKid OneWorld Kids